Did you know that the greatest inventions of mankind are inspired by nature?

Then why don't we learn from each other? There is no need to reinvent the wheel, it is necessary only to  correctly  interpret the actions of those who have persevered and get inspiration from  sucessfull people. That's why this site focuses on a large number of famous quotes, motivational videos, educational series/films and inspirational stories of many prosperous people.

Is the popularity of inspirational quotes just a trend?

No! In fact I believe the reason is that people see that a quote is based on real experiences and concentrates a lot of  knowledge. All the more the quotes with whom famous authors and celebrities manage to embody even today,  bringing value  to our lives.

What is the common secret of successful people?

Freud drew our attention 108 years ago that only 10% of our mind is conscious, and that 90% is a subconscious mind and, of course, he was not believed! Now, the scientific community agrees that the conscious mind is far less than  0,1% of the total, and that everything you've ever seen is stored in the subconscious brain! That's your real  strength. All you have to do is to learn to communicate harmoniously with her.
The human mind can not have two thoughts at the same time, it is our duty to realize the moment when the negative thoughts take over the reins and restore the mind towards positive ones. Easy to say, hard to do. That's why, with the help of quotes, videos and pictures, we created a  motivational boost concept to keep you  optimisticmotivated and focused.
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